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Upgrade Your Thinking - You Are Worth It.

Our courses are accessible and convenient, designed to integrate into your daily flow.
I created TheTechMargin because I understand high achievers and technical thinkers
as well as creative pursuits. At TheTechMargin, we believe innovation requires creativity.


Feeling Disconnected From Your Passions?
We live in a world that separates us from our curiosity when early in life we are encouraged to pursue the path of material success forgoing our creative ambition. 


Thriving Without Burnout Is Possible.
We know burnout and striving without end reduce our joy and creative capacity.
To ignite the fire within, TheTechMargin offers frameworks and tools that you can utilize to deepen your self-compassion and self-awareness, allowing you to live in alignment.  

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Self-Discovery For High Achievers & Creatives

Understand your intrinsic motivations and values.

Unlock your creativity and expand your innovation capacity.

Learn to unlock your energy and avoid burnout. 

Through self-compassion and centering, cultivate your curiosity and joy.

Develop clear goals through cultivating self-awareness.

Achieve goals aligned with your true values by uncovering your personal "why."

Hello from the Margin.

I created TheTechMargin Courses to address the need that many high achieving creatives and technical knowledge workers face in their career; that is the crisis of burnout. Coding and leading technical teams in corporate tech for over a decade, I have seen great teams fall apart due to burnout. Our careers and our innovative capacity require better ways of working. Join me and develop your capacity to thrive without burnout.

Sonia, Founder - TheTechMargin

What Others Say About TheTechMargin

“TheTechMargin’s content is like a rejuvenating therapy session for high-tech enthusiasts. Just as therapy nourishes the mind, TheTechMargin's content nurtures my tech-savvy soul. ”

Systems Architect, Crowdstrike

"Working with Sonia was an opportunity to see excellence in motion. She creates a safe place to experiment, learn and ask questions."

Architect, Salesforce

"Sonia is someone that you can really talk with and collaborate on different projects and ideas. I love the fact that she is not just looking to "do things the way that they've always been done" but go beyond, see the bigger picture and look to continue to evolve and grow."

Engineering Manager, Charles Schwab

There Is
More To Life.

The feeling that you "should" be happy because of success or salary achievements is a pressure from outside of yourself.
There is another path. 
You can achieve what you need to thrive and experience your life with joy and energy.  

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